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This week was my 48th birthday, and my second day in the kitchen as a cook. This sounds strange to many, but remember that a lot of great men in history found their way after the age of 40. Colonel Saunders was 40 when he first started selling fried chicken and Mohammed was 40 when the angel Gabriel appointed him as God's prophet.

After a day of working at my normal job and an evening in the kitchen, I can't say however that age is just a number. I was totally exhausted when I can home at midnight, knowing that I had to get up few hours later to go to my regular job in the office. Not only was I physically in pain, also mentally I had a difficult time getting it together in my head. The importance of health and fitness became evident to me again.

In my 10yearsplan, I've stated that when I treat my body and mind right, my body and mind will take care of me. This is what I believe and know to be true. So there are really no excuses anymore to not make the effort to daily work on my basline, which is a healthy, body, mind and soul.

I think change is also more difficult when you get older. And change is also the reason why I was exhausted last Thursday after my 10 hours cooking in the French restaurant. Now that I know what to expect a little more, I'm sure things will get better quick.

And then it's time to take the next small step towards my authentic life, which is working two nights a week as a cook. One night as an intern, and one night paid as a freelancer. The short term goal is to first of all learn as much as I can and become a great cook, and second to make enough money to upgade my apartment, so that I can rent it out and live part-time in Portugal, in order to see if working remote at my current job works or not.

Finally, I again came to the understanding that the path will show itself, when you start walking the path. The insights I gained from just 1 evening working as a cook in a restaurant are massive. But most important I feel I have come alive again, because as hard as it sometimes is, I feel fantastic, and have the feeling that I'm sharing, and that's what matters most!