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The voice in your head

3 years ago, I had no idea how I could listen to my Self. The voice I listended to most frequently was the voice in my head. I even didn’t know the difference between my inner voice and the voice in my head. So if you are like me 3 years ago, I wish for you to start with some of the practices that helped me to find inner peace by seperating my true self and the voice in my head, or the opponent as they say in Kabbalah, or the inner critic as some call it.

The basis for it all to first make the shift from thinking to feeling. Bruce Lee already said it, don’t think, feel! Your thinking is always slower then your feeling. If Bruce Lee would have thought first, he would have his butt kicked a lot more. Your body is 300 times more intelligent and faster than your brain. Your body tells you if here is something wrong before your mind tells you so. If you have ever burnt yourself on a hot stove you know that you withdrawl your hand before you think about withdrawing your hand.

Your mind is brilliant and a very usefull tool! Without my mind, I couldn’t have created the 10 yearsplan for example. I was able to make this plan, because my mind allowed me to go to University and to learn about finances, and how to make financial plans.

Just don’t let your mind use you! The voice in your head always wants to protect you and acts from a place of fear. Fear of failure, fear of not being accepted by others, fear of expressing who you really are! It therefore stops you in doing what you really want to do! To really start to do the things you feel are best. The more you start doing what feels right, the better your life will become!

The seperation of you and voice in your head, can never be found by thinking about it. I found this the tricky part. We have learnt to figure everything out by thinking, whereas the answer lies in feeling. All spiritual teachers will tell you that the gate to your soul is through the body and not trough the mind. And you can read all the books, and listen to all the podcasts you want, inspiring as this might be. I did and do it myself daily. But without feeling it, you will never experience it and therefore never really get what I’m talking about now. So how to get there?

Finding out the difference between the deep you inside yourself, and the voice in your head can only be found if you practice on a daily basis. You can only find and experience your true authentic power through meditation. Meditation enables you to stay with your authentic power and not let the voice in your head, the opponent or inner critic pull you out of this NOW state, telling you that a future state is better than the state you are currently in, or telling you that you failed in the past and the present is no better. Connecting to the light can only take place in the NOW.

By practice you will really start feeling and experiencing that once you stop thinking about the future or past, and find inner peace in the present moment, you will immediately FEEL a sense of relaxation and bliss and even exctacy. And then you realize that the ONLY place you want to be ALWAYS is in the NOW. All decisions you make you make NOW. All the things you really want to do in life show themselves to you in the NOW, in this moment NOW. This moment is really all that matters, always.