Module 1: Your authentic life

- Why living an authentic life matters

- Don’t think, feel.

After this module you are convinced that living an authentic life is really all that matters. You are (more) able to listen to your body, making decisions from a place of stillness. No longer will you listen to the voice in your head; all decisions you make come from the heart. And the decisions that are made from the heart are always the right decisions.

I will explain to you what it took me to go from being stuck (in my mind) about how to live my life, to a place of surrender where I started making those decisions that life wants me to make. And of course will tell you more about the underlying theory and practices I learnt from my teachers.

This module consists of:

  • 2 video’s
  • 2 practices (er is een gevoel van meditation & the holding meditation), enabling you to feel what is right for you!
  • An e-book with the theory on why living an authentic life matters from both a psychological and spiritual perspective.

"Ego says: 'Once everything falls in place, I have peace' Spirits says: 'find your peace and everything will fall into place'" Marianne Williamson.

Module 2: The 10 yearsplan

- What is it that you really want?

- Making the plan

- Owning the plan

After this module you realize that it is possible for you to live an authentic life without financial stress. You know which steps to take to make your authentic life a reality, and you know what it takes to ‘ stick to the plan’ ! Also, you are fully aware that life happens when you’re making plans, and how to deal with that fact along the way.

I will take you throught the steps of defining your future needs and making the 10 yearsplan. And ask you to take action after each step. After this module you have your own 10yearsplan. Moreover, I show you how to ‘own’ your plan as well, so that it can serve as your guide in your life, as it does in mine.

This module consists of:

  • 3 video’s
  • A tool that helps you define what you truly want in life
  • A format in Excel of the 10yearsplan
  • A checklist to make your plan a reality!
  • An e-book explaining in more depth the theory behind the 10yearsplan, from financial -, psychological - and spiritual points of view.

"Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years” Bill Gates.

Module 3: Creating freedom

- Building self confidence and self appreciation

- Self leadership & creating freedom

After this module you know what it takes to confidently move forward. Also when the going gets tough and you want to quit and go back to your ‘normal’ life, because your mind is telling you things were better before (which they are not of course). Leading yourself and creating freedom takes courage, but is rewarding in the end!

I will explain what self confidence, self appreciation, and self leadership is really about. And will show you the practices I practice daily to free myself from everything that is holding me back to live my authentic life!

This module consists of:

  • 2 video’s
  • 2 practices that build self confidence and self appreciation
  • An e-book on the theory behind the creation of freedom in your life.

"Better to die fighting for freedom than be a prisoner all the days of your life" Bob Marley.