I finished the 10yearsplan 4 years ago, with the intention to spread the ideas worldwide. Four years ago, I didn't truly feel that the plan was ready however. It was all theory and did not feel real. So I decided to wait untill I had the full confidence that the 10yearsplan is the right path to follow for myself. The 10yearsplan focusses on strategy and what I want to accomplish in 10 years. I tried to avoid the 'how to do it' as much as I could. And once I started to take action the path started to show itself.

I now feel that it's time to share the plan. Not because the plan is a 100% guarantee for succes for anyone who reads it, but because the plan feels right for my own path. And because I feel and hope that other men above the age of 40 get energised by it and get moving away from their current reality into the authentic life they want to live. Because that's what I wish for this world, people who have come truly alive!

The 10yearsplan consists of three actionable steps anyone can take:

Step 1: Regaining your energy
Step 2: Design a vision for your authentic life
Step 3: Making the 10yearsplan

Each step containes several practices to actually regain your energy; to actually design your authentic life and to actually make the 10yearsplan.

You can download the 10yearsplan for FREE!

The 10yearsplan consists of the following sections:

Step 1: Regaining your energy

Becoming still and aware of who you are
How to get there every time, all the time
Life energy is sexual energy

Step 2: Design a vision for your authentic life

What is it that you really want?
Design your authentic life
Money decisions

Step 3: Making the 10yearsplan

Wake up and face the brutal facts
Where does the money come from?
Alligning your money flows with your dreamlife
Manifesting your dream life